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bennerley road

Phase: Planning application

The proposed scheme aims to complete the residential streetscape of Bennerley road south facing row of terrace houses toward Wandsworth Common with a small dwelling by demolishing an existing garage.

The proposed materials will be in line with the surrounding buildings, therefore London stock brick and a contemporary bay window will be the house main features. In order to complete the houses skyline before the change of orientation of Bolingbroke Grove properties, the pitched roof of the proposed house is side oriented rather than front to back. To maximize the plot size in order to promote a new dwelling with a massing, smaller than the adjacent properties and good enough to guarantee high quality of accommodation, the footprint extends to the street boundary.

To provide to the new dwelling sufficient amenity space, despite the size and the site location, there are two outside areas, a sunken garden in the basement and a terrace integrated into the roof pitch. The house also prominently features full high glazing and courtyard walls made of brick and perforated brick screens, which not only open the house up to its surroundings but also open up the house to itself, creating a greater sense of intimacy within the household. The inside out rhythm of the space is enhanced by the playful volumetric, which still maintain the wished design simplicity.


konkurs-BR1 (S2) copy.jpg
konkurs-BR1 (2) copy.jpg
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