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Our interior design services include:

  • kitchen fit-out

  • bathroom fit-out

  • bespoke joinery​ (built-in wardrobes, stairs)

  • lighting and overall electrical fit-out



As the heart of the house, a kitchen is the signature of its residents and the centre of everyday life. Having that in mind, in our kitchen designs, we take into consideration the personal needs of our clients while making the most of our architectural knowledge.

As professional architects, we like to think of the kitchen as being an integral part of the house. We always adjust our designs to the unique interplay of daylight and artificial lighting of a given space, and use top-quality materials with an impressive look that will last for many years. It is also crucial for us to find the most optimal arrangement of the kitchen units to fully utilize their key functions. Thanks to our long-lasting cooperation with construction professionals, we make the whole process as seamless as possible, from the first design to fitting. In short, we invariably strive to deliver carefree, bespoke experience.


When designing bathrooms, we pay attention to every detail to create space which is both functional and beautiful. To achieve our aim of delivering flawless bathrooms and shower rooms, we cooperate with expert joiners and use top-quality materials and sanitary ware. Think of straight lines and clean, elegant, modern spaces filled with bespoke shelving, niches, countertops, and seamless cabinets.


In a modern house, space is meant to be clean and smooth, allowing for the house to be perceived as a unified whole. Thanks to a careful design process, storage is maintained but well-integrated, leaving the space functional but also coherent and elegant.

With attendance to every detail, we design bespoke built-in wardrobes, cabinets, full-height sliding doors, seamless hinged doors, glass cladding walls and doors; they are all brought to life with utmost care and precision through the hands of our expert joiners who also, among other things, make carcasses and doors, carve handles, and paint on site.


Stairs connect various areas of a house and are frequently among the first architectural elements perceived upon entering someone's home. They not only play the role of a connector but also need to have decorative value. Because of this dual role, they need to allow for a comfortable transition from one area to another and be elegantly incorporated in a given space. As experienced architects, we understand the delicate balance between function and aesthetics, and take all of the above into consideration when working on our designs.